Eddy Ibarra


SS collection shoot at Romeo's


SS collection shoot at Romeo's

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Marcelo Burlon for the creation of this video!

Director @tommaso.ottomano
Creative Director @marceloburlon
Art direction @btslvtsc
Executive producer @stefanonegri
Creative Production @theboxfilms

@ottomatics @cristianlvg_ @joshmcgregor_ @rayanneanet @juenzoolab @the_fisherman.c @batsandtaylor
With a special appearence by @mirandamakaroff

Music Supervisor: @pampamstudio

Producer / Location Manager: @albertofromibiza
Production Company: @ibizafilmservice
Producer Ibiza Films: @ikermongemaso
Production Coordinator: @aide.m.m
PA: @terry.52
Unit Manager: @santi.camarero
Talent Driver: @nico92sm
1AD: @clarasolerisart
1st Photographer: @ultraanalogic
Cinematographer: @mrcodepa
Steadycam Operator: @lukesporte
1AC: @bielcapellas
2AC: @educollado
VTR: @bondingsetservice
Make up: @rrnegro
Make up Assist: @anaherradamekeup
Art Director: @drymartini
Art Director Assist: @mariaibizaok
Propman: @escenibiza

Gaffer/Grip: Eddy Ibarra
Spark: @fluraghi
Spark: @karimphsoot
Develop and Telecine: @illmaticfilmgroup_company @jacopo.pica